You will choose a lineup consisting of the following…

– Two (2) Quarterbacks
– Six (6) Skill Players (RBs / WRs / TEs)
– Two (2) Kickers
– Two (2) Defense / Special Teams 

Only one player from each NFL team can be selected.

So if you choose Brady as one of your QBs, you cannot pick anyone else from the New England Patriots to be on your team. This includes Defense/Special Teams also.

Points will accumulate throughout the playoffs and the team with the most points after the Super Bowl will be the winner.

Keep in mind, the point value increases every round by multiples of one:
Wildcard Weekend times 1.
Divisional Playoffs times 2.
Conference Championships times 3.
Super Bowl times 4.

The lineups must be submitted before kickoff of the first game on Wild Card Weekend.  Once a lineup is submitted, it cannot be changed throughout the playoffs, so choose carefully.

Any player from a playoff team is eligible to be in a player’s lineup.

Each lineup costs $10.00 and winnings will be paid out after the NFL postseason has come to a close.  There is no limit to how many lineups a person can play.

Any questions or concerns, please contact us.