2019 MLB Blackout Challenge

Welcome back for another year of Blackout! For those who are new this year its very similar to Blackout Bingo – in the sense that the purpose is to blackout your teams scorecard.  Spots are marked based off the Total Runs scored in a game.  Wins/Losses do not matter, except for the Extra Inning Wins.  Payout for the first team to hit Blackout is $350!  As a reminder, I update this about every 4-5 days and then as we get closer to Blackout, I will update Daily.

We Apologize for the delay – but the teams have been drawn!  We did not realize that the games in Tokyo right now actually count as regular season games so technically – the Season has begun! However, for the new people playing this year it will give you a quick idea of how this works.  Please reach out to me with any questions.


Updated as of End of Games 3/24